My Plan

This is OurPlan for Truro and Falmouth.

  • Improving health and social care

    The Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust is at the heart of our community. I will always speak up for patients and for our dedicated medical professionals, and hospital staff.

  • Providing local homes

    I want to make sure that there is enough safe and affordable housing for everyone in Cornwall. I will continue to work with Cornwall Council, Government and other stakeholders to explore multiple options, through the planning, tax and community systems, in order to solve this issue.

  • Getting a head start

    Every child deserves a safe and successful future, and by working with families, schools, and businesses I will fight to achieve this.

  • Investing in transport

    We are working hard to get Cornwall connected and build the critical links between our county and the wider world.

  • Supporting our community

    I am here to help and support all the people, families, and businesses in the community. To date, I have responded to over 45,000 individual queries.  My team and I assist constituents with all sorts of issues.