Protecting our environment

Cornwall is a special place, and I will fight to protect it.

As your MP I have fought to keep our rivers and sea clean and safe for all of us to enjoy. I voted for the Water Quality (Sewage Discharge) Bill. I served on the Bill committee for the Environment Act, and I sit on the Environmental Audit Select Committee.

We expect a standard of care for our waters, and I want to see polluters pay to clean pollution. I have called for fines against water companies who do not meet the standard we expect up to be used to repair the damage to our waters and fix the problems which caused. I love to swim, and I am proud to champion Cornish waters.

Our farmers are the engine of the rural economy, bringing jobs and opportunity to Truro and Falmouth and working to protect our environment. In Cornwall we have a history of family farming, and innovation. I have spoken with farmers across the region and seen the amazing work they do. All too often bureaucracy and funding are so often the barrier preventing them from getting on with the work and making it a success. I want to see the red tape cleared away, and farmers left to get on with the work they do for all of us.