My Plan

  • Improving health and social care

    I will continue to speak up for help health care professionals and patients by helping our struggling health & social care system in Cornwall to build resilience following the Covid shock.

  • Tackling the housing crisis

    I want to make sure that there is enough safe and affordable housing for everyone in Cornwall. I will continue to work with Cornwall Council, Government and other stakeholders to explore multiple options, through the planning, tax and community systems, in order to solve this issue.

  • Protecting our environment

    I am a champion for protecting and restoring our environment. In Parliament, I sit on the Environmental Audit Select Committee and I am the Co-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ocean Conservation.

  • Getting the best start in life

    I want to help every child in Truro & Falmouth get the very best start in life.  This means working closely with parents, early years educators, teachers and others to ensure our Family Hubs, early years settings and schools to ensure they can all reach their full potential.

  • Completing the dualling of the A30

    Since my election I have taken a keen interest in the delivery of the dualling of the A30 between Chiverton and Carland Cross and am helping to ensure the smooth running of the project. This is a huge £290m investment from the Government that will have many economic and environmental benefits.

  • Supporting local people

    As a constituency MP, I am here to help and support the my constituency and the businesses in my constituency. To date, I have helped over 30,000 individual people, mostly during the pandemic.