Your Ambition For Falmouth Survey

Falmouth has always been a special town with an important role in defining our community. For centuries it has been a military base, a market town, and a home. Today it has become a vibrant hub for Cornish culture and history. I am determined that Falmouth remains a great place to live and work and is equipped for the challenges of the future.

To do that, I need to know your views and priorities for Falmouth. That’s why I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey, and to let me know your ambition for Falmouth.

I would also welcome as many responses as possible to keep me informed about the views of all my constituents, so please feel free to share with other members of your household.

I will always work hard to representing our community effectively. I am lucky to work with dedicated Conservative Councillors to deliver for our towns and villages. Please share your thoughts so we can continue working for you.

Your Ambition for Falmouth Survey

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1.1 Are you a resident or do you regularly commute to Falmouth?
1.2 Do you use Church Street car park?
1.3 Would you continue to shop in Falmouth if Church Street car park were unavailable?
1.5 Would you be encouraged to use public transport following the announcement of the bus fare cap?
1.6 Funding has been secured to deliver the Coast to Coast Metro, connecting Falmouth, Truro, and Newquay. Will you use this service once it is complete?
1.8 Is Falmouth's heritage an important part of the town's identity and culture which should be protected?
1.9 Do you want to see more regular ferry services in Falmouth?
1.10 Do you want to see Falmouth's historic waterfront restored and maintained for maritime use?
1.11 Do you feel that it is important to have access to local swimming pools and recreational facilities?
1.12 Does Falmouth deserve a world-class swimming, leisure, and sports complex?
1.13 Do you want to see Falmouth showcase more events including tall ships, around the world yachts, sporting events, and Armed Forces Day?