Truro and Falmouth cost of living survey

Pressures created by global events including the rise in wholesale gas prices and the COVID-19 pandemic have unavoidably caused a strain on families and households costs in Cornwall.

I want to find out just how many families and households are affected by this so that I can raise this with Government Ministers.

I want to ensure residents in Cornwall have all the support that they need and an evidence base to back up my arguments is hugely beneficial.

Please take 5 minutes to complete my survey below.

Thank you in advance for your honest answers.


Truro and Falmouth cost of living survey

  • Current Cost of living questions
  • How am I doing?
  • Your details
1.1. Have you noticed a significant increase in your household utility bills in the last six months?
1.2. Have you noticed a significant increase in how much money you spend on fuel for your vehicle each week?
1.3. How much more, per week, are you spending on fuel for your vehicle?
1.4. Is the increase in fuel costs making you consider using other means of transport?
1.5. If yes, which ones?
1.7. Are you going to struggle to pay any of your utility bills?
1.8. How is your home fuelled?
1.9. Are you concerned about further price increases?
1.10. Can you access a good broadband and mobile phone service where you live?
1.11. Which of the following outgoing are you most concerned about seeing further increase in?
1.12. Are you aware of the help available through Government or Cornwall Council?
1.13. Are you aware of other local organisations that offer help, advice and support?